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Recent posts on this site explicated the four sections of The Twenty Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It is more formally called The Presidential Succession and Inability Amendment. Recent attention relates to the possible applicability of this amendment to the mental fumbles, memory lapses, and possible cognitive dysfunction of Joe Biden, the present occupant of the White House. However, the reader should not forget that Donald J. Trump, the twenty-fifth President of the United States was bedeviled both by questions about, and demands for, the 25th Amendment. The controversy was far more intense than any scrutiny that has affected Biden, at least so far. Questions regarding Trump’s inability to perform the duties and responsibilities of his office crested twice during his presidency, once in 2017-18, and a second time in January 2021.

The personal style of new president Trump startled Washington’s political, information, and professional elites. The new president was raucous, confrontational, occasionally abusive, and always direct. The elites were unaccustomed to his brash, unforgiving, bold New York style. However, this author, being a native New Yorker, found it both honest and refreshing. The Deep State moaned that he was mentally unfit to be president. In a January 10, 2018 Politico article, Joshua Zeitz, no Trumper, stated that the 25th Amendment doesn’t apply, no matter what Trump tweets. He pointed out that the new president’s stylistic traits were well known to the 2016 voters, who had elected him. If anyone were to blame for Trump’s behavior, it was these voters.

In May, 2017 the president fired FBI Chief James Comey. This action led to a bizarre conspiracy between Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General and James McCabe, Acting FBI Chief. These two sought ways in which they might overthrow the President of the United States. Rosenstein suggested that he might wear a wire in order to surreptitiously trap his boss into informal, but indiscreet remarks that would be damning. It is unknown whether these two weaselly attorneys were intent on impeachment or constitutional replacement. Rosenstein was convinced that two cabinet members, Jeff Sessions and General Kelly would be open to this plot.

Stay tuned.

FYI: In response to reporters’ questions. on Monday, March 29, Press Secretary Jen Psaki promised that Joe Biden’s medical records would be leased “soon.” Today, Day #8, after this promise, nothing…..

Lud Historian
  • Al Melvin
    Posted at 16:09h, 06 April Reply

    Lud, thank you for covering the White House and its occupants. President Trump’s four years in office dramatically exposed the rampant corruption in Washington, DC. This exposure must continue. Now the debate is raging about elections. The GOP wants to count every valid vote. The other party is opposed to Voter ID. We must have a secure and honest election system. This must be achieved for us to prevail as a constitutional democracy, that protects freedom and liberty. Regards, Al Melvin

  • Mary Ann Mikol
    Posted at 17:17h, 06 April Reply

    This native New Yorker also found Trump’s style “honest and refreshing.”

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