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Medical uncertainty continues to follow Joe Biden eight weeks after the November 2020 election. Legitimate questions about his mentalĀ  fitness for the presidency persist. What is the status of his physical and cognitive functioning today?

Opacity, rather than transparency, or even translucency, prevails. Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the presumptive presidential physician to the Biden family, has been silent, other than terse comments released through the Biden press office regarding his negative Covid tests and his foot fractures. O’Connor’s last examination of the ex vice president occurred one year ago in December, 2019. Moreover, Biden’s mental and cognitive functioning has not been tested, at least not publicly acknowledged, for a long time.

Is this the usual procedure for an incoming Chief Executive? Let’s examine the record for the recent four Administrations:

Bill Clinton underwent a medical examination shortly before his 1992 election. A summary was released by his civilian physician.

George W. Bush was a patient of Dr. Ken Cooper of the renowned Cooper Clinic in Texas. Dr. Cooper worked closely with presidential physician Dick Tubb both before and after the Bush inauguration.

Barak Obama’s Chicago internist released a patient summary shortly before his election.

Donald Trump’s New York internist did likewise.

The standard practice for previous presidential physicians was to conduct a comprehensive medical examination of their presidential patient about one year into the presidency.

Will we learn more about Joe Biden’s health and cognition one year from now. Stay tuned.



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  • Al Melvin
    Posted at 11:31h, 19 December Reply

    Lud, thank you for following up on the medical condition of Joe Biden. From what you are telling us, there seems to be an American tradition of presidential candidates releasing a full medical report on themselves about a year before a presidential election. Plugs did not do that. I do not recall Hillary Clinton doing this in 2016. I believe sitting presidents go to Walter Reed Military Hospital every year for a full medical exam and release the results to the public. I do not recall Hillary releasing a medical exam prior to the 2016 election. II enjoy reading your statements on this overall subject. Regards, Al Melvin

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