Joe Biden’s medical status was not transparent prior to the November 3, 2020 election. A continuing topic on this website will be Biden’s health. Will his spokesperson’s reports be transparent, accurate, and truthful? We shall examine.

Biden’s first encounters with physicians resulted from an accident at his home on Saturday afternoon, November 28. Reportedly, he “sprained his ankle” playing with his dog. The following afternoon (11/29) he was whisked away to be examined by an orthopedic physician at Delaware Orthopedic Specialists in Stanton, Delaware, “out of an abundance of caution.” Reporters were blocked from seeing Biden entering the facility since a van was strategically placed to block their view.

The initial X rays showed no fracture, but a follow up CT found hairline fractures in his lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones (mid foot), according to Dr. Kevin O’Connor. O’Connor continued, “It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks.” The reader might remember O’Connor whose reports on the candidate’s mental and physical health were so illuminating during the 2020 campaign. It is rumored that O’Connor is slated to be Biden’s physician in the White House. Meanwhile, the identities of the treating orthopedist and possibly the radiologist were not revealed. It is unknown whether th physician spokesman actually examined the patient.

The saga of an elderly patient with post-fall fractures soon became a lovable dog story. Biden acknowledged that he fell after coming out of a shower, when he immediately played with his cuddly German shepherd. An old man should be aware that his balance might be impaired on a wet floor.






  1. Awww… such a lovable dog story.

    At age 89 I know about falls and slippery floors. Hopefully this will not be repeated. If the presumptive President does get inaugurated we should all pray that he remains well. If he is replaced by the Vice President we are in for some very scary times.

  2. Lud, it is good to see your ongoing comments regarding White House medical matters. The overall medical condition of Biden is interesting to follow. It is good to see that you are staying on top of it and letting us know your findings. We look forward to reading your updates. Regards, Al Melvin

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