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JOE BIDEN was declared by the unelected media as the 46th president of the United States a few days ago. Readers of this site over the past twelve months are aware that its author was concerned about Biden’s mental and psychological fitness for this position. Many, including physicians, have concluded that Mr. Biden suffers from predementia. Calls were frequent that he undergo a transparent cognitive examination that would be conducted by a non-partisan doctor or doctors.

American media have been professionally negligent in their refusal to demand such an examination! Additionally, they have not asked Biden’s physician for an update on the candidate’s physical health! Indeed, the opacity that clouds his mental and overall medical condition is as bad as that which hid John F. Kennedy’s Addison Disease from the voters sixty years ago.

Biden still has not been mentally or neurologically examined; at least the results of such an exam have not been made public. When asked (8/04/20) by CBS reporter Errol Barnett, he responded, “No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test.”

Moreover, the most recent former vice president’s medical exam was performed on December 19, 2019, almost a year ago. Astonishing since his daily routine in the near future promises to be far more exhausting than his sedentary stays in his basement the past six months. Biden will be seventy eight years ago within the next few weeks, a very old man to assume the oval office. The main stream media expresses no curiosity over this!

Joe Biden’s personal physician for the past decade is Dr. Kevin O’Connor. This doctor was a member of the White House Medical Unit who cared for Biden while vice president. He is an osteopath and holds Board certification in Family Medicine. Since his retirement from the military, O’Connor practices as an Associate Professor at the D.C. George Washington  School of Medicine.

An update on Dr. O’Connor will appear soon.

To the question, “Is Joe Biden fit to be President?” My answer is “Who Knows?”


Lud Historian
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  • Warren Braun
    Posted at 11:50h, 11 November Reply

    Thank you for the update, Dr. Deppisch.

    If VP Biden does become President, ( I agree there has been no definitive determination), I predict he will not fulfill his term. His cognitive health issues and the Hunter Biden exposure provide ample opportunity for his removal when he no longer serves the purposes of the hard left in charge of the Democratic Party.

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