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It is almost four weeks since President Trump was released from Walter Reed Medical Center after his hospitalization for the Corona Virus. His subsequent activities apparently corroborate his claims of a ‘complete recovery.’

My book The White House Physician published in 2007 seemingly had relevance in the context of the President’s illness and the corresponding prominence of his White House doctor, Navy Commander Sean Conley. Many news organizations (ten by my count) very quickly called or emailed me for my opinions regarding the Public Transparency of Trump’s sickness and treatment.

I discover almost immediately during my interviews that the Organized American Press was uninterested in historical facts, but rather in politicized opinions that would condemn the Trump/Conley narration of events. In the main, their interest in The White House Physician was to prove that Donald Trump was lying to the public about the severity of his medical condition. Moreover, one “investigative reporter” even wanted me to confirm his opinion that Dr. Conley was an incompetent doofus.

My response was that I could not comment upon either assertion since I neither knew Dr. Conley nor had any information about the president’s medical course beyond what was printed in the newspapers. Additionally, I corrected their view that any lack of transparency in the current case was minimal at worst, compared to the secrecy that shrouded the public in previous medical illnesses. Interestingly, my examples were exclusively of Democrat presidents:

Grover Cleveland: Surgical removal of a cancer of his maxilla. Surgeon said it was a tooth  extraction.                                                              Woodrow Wilson: Debilitating stroke that impaired his ability to serve as president. White House Physician called it ‘nervous exhaustion.”      FDR: Malignant hypertension and congestive heart failure. White House Physician said that FDR’s heart was normal for age.                         Jack Kennedy: Symptomatic Addison’s Disease. White House Physician explained that it was a result of wounds suffered in the War.

My experience with the press proved to me beyond a doubt that the mainstream American media is professionally and destructively corrupted. 



Lud Historian
  • Mary Ann Mikol
    Posted at 14:43h, 30 October Reply

    Very interesting read, Lud. Did not know about your contact with the press.

  • Warren Braun
    Posted at 16:03h, 31 October Reply

    How sad that it is now common knowledge that the press and other media are totally biased and no longer a source of truth.

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