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In November 2019 Donald Trump made an unscheduled trip to Walter Reed Army Hospital. Rumors about a medical emergency became rampant since the hospital trip was unscheduled and it was by automobile, not by helicopter as usual. The White House press secretary generally quieted the inflammatory speculation with the explanation that Trump had decided to proceed with his 2020 presidential physical at an earlier date since 2020 would be a very busy year. Presidential Physician Dr. Sean Conley presumably erased any remnant uncertainty with his June, 2020 announcement that the President had completed his 2020 medical check up in the White House. Donald Trump was healthy, but at 244 lbs, he was clinically obese.

However, as all responsible readers of the US Mainstream Media have come to expect: No Salacious False Rumor about Donald Trump Ever Completely Disappears. David Schmidt, not surprisingly a reporter at the New York Times, recently previewed his upcoming book. He claims that the November 2019 journey to Walter Reed Hospital involved a serious presidential health emergency. So serious that West Wing staffers were told to put Vice President Mike Pence on standby, “to take over the power of the presidency temporarily if Trump had to undergo a procedure that would have required him to be anesthetized.”

The Mini Stroke fake news was reborn. The Flames of Fakedom were fanned by the likes of CNN’s Joe Lockhart and Matt Drudge. The new claims were rebutted fiercely by President Trump, present Presidential Physician Dean Conley, and former Trump physician Dr. Ronnie Jackson.

Meanwhile Joe Biden has not taken a cognitive test. His last reported medical exam was in 2019.

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