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Joe Biden remains the presumptive Democrat nominee in the 2020 presidential race. Because of concerns, both medical and political, he has taken to the security of his basement for almost three months. His isolation has allowed him a quarantine from public scrutiny; it has permitted him to issue political charges about the corona virus with little possibility of challenge or refutation. However, the question remains: Is he hiding because his mental incapacity would become obvious if he were to be observed by the public in open discourse.

Previously this space presented four arguments that candidate Biden was mentally competent to assume the responsibilities of the Presidency of the United States.  These arguments disputed the charge that Biden suffers from pre-dementia or worse.

The following comments may refute the Biden defenders:

1. The recent medical report by his physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor (December 17, 2019) interestingly avoided any comment on the candidate’s neurological, mental, or psychological status. Strange that the doctor, while stating that his patient, “is fit to execute the duties of the presidency” avoided any judgement on Biden’s mental capacity. Very strange, since the ability of his brain to function in the Oval Office is a foremost question by many in the electorate. Strange also, since the press, two short years ago, peppered then-presidential physician, Dr. Ronnie Jackson with innumerable questions regarding President Trump’s mental capacity.

2. Joe Biden has always been “goofy” and inappropriate. However his “goofiness” has become more apparent recently on the campaign trail before he disappeared from public view. He has inappropriately challenged non-supporters at public events, nibbled on his wife’s fingers on stage, and challenged Donald Trump to a brawl. Publicly and consistently he has touched women of any age, caressed their hair, and uninvited, whispered into their ears. Inappropriate behavior is a prominent psychological change in early dementia.

3. His stutter is the reason for some of his apparent mental difficulties. This author has seen the public Biden on television over four decades, and has never observed a stutter. Moreover, the following cognitive changes, apparent in Biden, are marks of pre-dementia and not a speech defect: memory loss (Obama, corona virus), difficulty with finding words (inability to finish a sentence, word salad) confusion and possible delusions (meeting with Mandela etc.). Biden displays all of these and other mental changes.

4. Biden’s supporters condemn any complaints about the ex-Vice President’s confusion as personal attacks, and out of bounds in a political campaign. Their charge is ludicrous and hypocritical. These are the same voices that daily charge the incumbent President with all sorts of personal issues. Those who want no boundaries in political debate strangely now want strict boundaries!!

A transparent cognitive examination of Biden by a neutral physician or panel of doctors is mandatory.

Next: Donald Trump’s psychological and mental status.

Stay tuned.

Lud Historian
  • Mary Ann Mikol
    Posted at 09:20h, 08 May Reply

    Good article, Lud. Looks like he is hiding from the public..Problematic mental state.

  • Al Melvin
    Posted at 17:04h, 11 May Reply

    Lud, thanks for the timely update regarding Biden’s mental state. The driveby media is giving Biden a total pass. It is a shame to see Biden’s wife and overall family standby and see him make a fool of himself day in and day out. Russia, Iran, China, and others are hoping and praying that he is elected POTUS. It is sad to see that Biden is the Dems standard-bearer. Regards, Al Melvin

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