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This post will continue an intermittent series of analyses of the medical health of candidates for the 2020 American presidential election. Fortunately for this writer, my delay in posting has saved me the trouble of commenting upon the twenty Democrat contenders who already have given up the fight.

Bernie Sanders, at the advanced age of seventy eight years, would become the oldest U.S. president if elected. He had a heart attack in October, 2019 which required cardiac artery stenting. He quickly returned to the campaign trail, and has evinced no visible symptoms since. A string of cardiologists and his own doctor of many years, in Vermont, have proclaimed that there is no medical reason that he could not function as president.

Dr. Monahan, Sanders’ personal physician of many years, reported that the candidate has been treated for gout, high cholesterol, laryngitis secondary to esophageal reflux, among other unspecified ailments. H exercises regularly and does not smoke, and ‘seldom’ drinks.

Actuarial tables determine that life expectancy for a 78 year old male is 9 years.



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