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Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is a leading contender for the 2020 presidential nomination of the Democratic party. Warren is seventy years old, but younger by a number of years that her competitors, Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders. The life expectancy of a seventy year old white woman living in Washington D.C. is 86.5 years. Consequently, Sen. Warren would be far more likely to survive a four year presidential term than her main rivals, two male septuagenarians.

Warren has been married twice; she has at least two children and three grandchildren. From afar, she appears both trim and energetic.

The author vigorously searched the Internet for any information regarding the senator’s past medical history , her physicians, and the date of her most recent physical examination. No information on any of these topics was discovered. It is assumed that information regarding these subjects will be released as the nominating process continues.

The next post will examine the medical history of Senator Bernie Sanders. Undoubtedly the next post will be more revealing.

Lud Historian
  • Al Melvin
    Posted at 18:36h, 23 November Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this latest information from this excellent website. As we enter the 2020 major election year, I look forward to receiving additional information from Dr. Lud Deppisch’s excellent research into health-related matters regarding the occupants of the White House. Regards, Al Melvin

  • Warren Braun
    Posted at 16:51h, 25 November Reply

    She sure waves her arms and hands a lot for a 70 year old woman. Interesting observations, Lud.


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