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PREVIOUSLY THIS BLOG has discussed First Ladies who served successfully, First Ladies who died in office, and Surrogate First Ladies. This edition will focus on three women who were divorced from their husbands, who later remarried and became President of the USA. The two presidents are Ronald Reagan and Donald J. Trump. The three women are Jane Wyman (Reagan wife #1), Ivana Zelnickova (Trump wife #1), and Marla Maples (Trump wife #2).

Jane Wyman was married to Ronald Reagan for nine years (1940-1949). At the time she was a far more successful movie star than her husband, who was considered merely a B level actor. Ms. Wyman starred in A level films and was the winner of an Academy award. She is the mother of the Reagan children, Maureen and Michael. A third child was born prematurely and died within her first day of life. She appeared opposite Ronald Reagan in several movies. Her subsequent success in movies and later on television apparently was unaffected by her divorce.

Wyman was a registered Republican; she stated that their divorce was due to a difference in politics. Reagan during their marriage was a Democrat.

Ivana Marie Zelnickova became Ivana Trump in 1977. Their marriage lasted fifteen years. Ivana charged Donald with rape and abuse in her divorce papers. She later denied these accusations. She was born in Czechoslovakia and became both a skilled skier and a sought-after ski instructor. She married her Austrian ski instructor, thereby obtained Austrian citizenship, departed communist Czechoslovakia for the West, and very soon thereafter obtained a divorce from this first husband.

Ms. Trump is the mother of the Trumps’ oldest three children – Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Erik. During their marriage she was active in the Trump business and assisted in the design of several major projects that bear the Trump name. After the marriage, she has written several novels and an autobiography, had several business ventures and appeared on television. She also married several more times.

Marla Maples was born in Georgia USA. After graduation from high school, she competed in beauty contests and pageants, appeared frequently on television, and was featured in at least five Hollywood movies. Her marriage to Trump lasted six years and was blessed with a daughter, Tiffany Ariana Trump. After the divorce Marla has been very active in many philanthropic causes, and she is an advocate of health and wellness. Under the terms of the Trump prenuptial agreement and divorce settlement, she is bound by a confidentiality agreement regarding their marriage.

Many thanks to Wikipedia for the above information.

Lud Historian
  • Mary Ann Mikol
    Posted at 15:52h, 19 July Reply

    These 2 Presidents,although married more than once,did not let their private life interfere with their successful administrations.

  • Al Melvin
    Posted at 19:57h, 19 July Reply

    Thank you for the writeup on the previous wives of President Reagan and President Trump, two very successful Presidents, whose wives while they occupied the White House did great jobs as First Ladies. Regards, Al Melvin

  • Warren Braun
    Posted at 10:58h, 20 July Reply

    As always, Lud, very interesting information. Please keep it coming.


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