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Presidents Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump possessed many similarities both before and during their respective presidencies. Both would be considered macho men- – tall and imposing, proud, boisterous, accomplished, and triumphantly elected from backgrounds beyond politics.

However, the two differed in two significant respects – fertility and women.

Donald Trump is the father of five children by three different mothers. Andrew Jackson had no biologic children, although he and his wife Rachel Donelson adopted the son of her brother. Their joint infertility was surprising since Rachel’s parents and her many Donelson siblings all produced large broods of children, up to fourteen in one family. Therefore, it is likely that Andrew, her husband, was the source of their barrenness. As a teenager young Jackson was imprisoned by the English military in a Camden, South Carolina jail. Both Andrew and his imprisoned older brother caught smallpox. The older brother died;  Andrew survived. This author speculates that the smallpox infection caused Jackson’s infertility.

Andrew Jackson was monogamous, ever faithful to his beloved Rachel both during their long marriage and after her death. He was a classic Southern gentleman, both courteous and chivalrous to all women that he met. In contrast, Donald Trump has been married three times and a history of presumed extramarital liaisons has annoyed his presidency.

To be continued……

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Lud Historian
  • Al Melvin
    Posted at 18:31h, 20 June Reply

    It is interesting to see President Trump’s interest in President Jackson. I say this as a strong supporter of President Trump. It would be nice to know when President Trump first became interested in President Jackson and what were the main reasons for this obviously strong fascination. Regards, Al Melvin

  • Warren Braun
    Posted at 11:21h, 21 June Reply

    As always, I can hardly wait for the next posting!

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