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First Lady Laura Bush departed the White House nine years ago. Although far less flamboyant than Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama, her immediate predecessor and successor as First Lady, she remains active in educational and social causes. She, like Rosalynn Carter, does what she does quietly, not vociferously.

She serves as Chair of the Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative, which promotes access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity for women and girls around the world. In this capacity Ms. Bush is scheduled to speak at the NAFSA 2018 International Education Conference in Philadelphia on May 29th.

This former First Lady, a former librarian and holder of a Masters in Library Science from the University of Texas, directs the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program that is a support and educational initiative for young librarians.

This April, she will give an address at Harding University in central Arkansas. There she will share insights from her eight years in the White House.

She remains the active host of the Bush ranch in Crawford Texas, and spends time with her children and grandchildren.

May you continue to be active for many more years, Laura Bush.

Lud Historian
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