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While Melania Trump has settled into the traditional role of a First Lady, her step-daughter Ivanka Trump has assumed the policy/political profile of many recent First Ladies. This bifurcation of what many assume to be the duties and responsibilities of the wife of an American president was on display during the recent Trump trip to Europe.

Mrs. Trump has embraced the role of wife, supporter and intimate personal confidante of her husband. Moreover, she is Donald Trump’s social hostess and is widely acknowledged for her stylistic success during public ceremonies.

Meanwhile Mrs. Trump Kushner has publicly championed social causes. This behavior, to my mind unessential to a First Lady’s job description, has become a practice of recent presidential wives. Michelle Obama advocated for healthy nutrition for children; Laura Bush, once a school librarian, promoted literacy; Hillary Clinton was a promoter of feminism and abortion.

Ivanka was a prominent participant in a workshop on female entrepreneurship, that was held in Hamburg, Germany during the recent G20 Summit. She was a member of the Trump travel party for this trip. At its conclusion, the president announced a $50 million US government grant to a fund launched by Ivanka to support women’s business start-ups worldwide. (1)

A second Ivanka initiative is paid family leave guaranteed by the federal government. A May 26 Wall Street Journal editorial called this proposal; “The Ivanka Entitlement.” To this, the proponent promptly sent a rebuttal which was published in the newspaper’s Opinion/Letters section on July 4th. (2)

The Melania/Ivanka Trump situation will continue to be updated in this blog. Please stay tuned.

1. Daily Mail, July 8, 2017.

2. The Wall Street Journal, July 4, 2017.






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