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Dr. Lud Deppisch, The Health of the First LadiesPresident GH Bush celebrated his 93d birthday on June 12, 2017. His health remains fragile; he was released from Houston’s Methodist Hospital in late April 2017 after treatment for bronchitis and pneumonia. Moreover, he suffers from Parkinson’s Disease which confines him to a wheel chair. Fortunately, the ex-president has recovered; two days ago at his Maine summer home, he appeared at a charity golf game in his name with his wife Barbara and his son, ex-president GW Bush.

President Bush at age 93, has become the third oldest ex-president in United States history. He is also the sixth to exceed the age of ninety years. The five other nonagenarians are, in order of longevity:

  • Gerald Ford. 93 years 5 months.
  • Ronald Reagan. 93 years 4 months.
  • Jimmy Carter. 92 years 8 months.
  • John Adams. 90 years 8 months.
  • Herbert Hoover. 90 years 2 months.

Of interest: during the first two hundred years of the republic, only two ex-presidents lived to this advanced age. In the past 25 years, four have reached ninety years.

Also of interest: Presently, for the fourth time in our history, we are blessed with six living president and ex-presidents: Trump, Carter, GH Bush, Clinton, GW Bush and Obama.



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