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MELANIA-TRUMP | First Ladies of AmericaMelania Trump has moved into the White House and has assumed the traditional responsibilities of a First Lady. Her role became apparent during the Trumps’ recent Mideast and Europe trip. She was prominently photographed at ceremonial dinners, during the Trumps’ visit to the Vatican, and at appearances at childens’ hospitals. Since her return to Washington, she has participated at several ceremonial and social affairs with her husband.

Ivanka Trump’s profile is more policy focused. It is widely reported that her and her husband Jared’s social views are to the left of the president’s. They probably were disappointed that Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris accord on ‘global warming’.

However, Ivanka has identified her public mission (technical training) while Melania has been far less provocative about hers. The following is  from The Hill publication.

On Tuesday, the president, the First Daughter, and Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta will travel to Wisconsin to tour the Waukesha County Technical College, where they’ll promote new steps the administration will take to expand apprenticeships and make it easier for students to obtain skills-based education through “earn-and-learn” programs. On a conference call with reporters, Ivanka Trump said the event was to “raise awareness about the fact that there are important and very viable and respectable career paths outside of a traditional four-year college experience that should be considered and should be invested in.””

“On Wednesday, Trump will give a major policy speech on workforce development at the Department of Labor, while Ivanka Trump conducts a round table at the White House with CEOs on apprenticeship programs.
On Thursday, the president, the First Daughter and Labor secretary will hold another business round table at the White House, this time with eight governors.”

Thereby Ivanka Trump Kushner has begun to define her role in Washington.



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