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While researching Emily Donelson for my next book, “The Surrogate First Ladies”, I became fascinated by Emily Donelson, President Andrew Jackson’s niece and more importantly his social hostess in the White House. Emily served as his Surrogate since Rachel, Jackson’s wife, had died just prior to his inauguration. The stories of Rachel, Emily, his mother Elizabeth, the destructive Peggy Eaton, his daughter-in-law, and niece Mary Eastin, and their mutual interactions as they spun around in the Jackson orbit are too riveting to set aside.

Hence “Andrew Jackson and the Women Who Formed Him.”

The visage of our seventh president, in an incredibly ridiculous example of PC stupidity, will soon disappear from our twenty dollar bill.

Moreover, Andrew Jackson is President Donald Trump’s favorite president. Trump commemorated Jackson’s birthday earlier this year at The Hermitage. In addition there are similarities between the two men. The beginnings of the first term of each commenced with confusion and rancor. And both possessed open, frank, and sometimes vituperative personalizes.

Stay tuned..

Lud Historian
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