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Hillary-Clinton-Coughing | First Ladies of AmericaFormer First Lady Hillary Clinton has reemerged in public after her 2016 election defeat. During the recent presidential campaign, she was beset my rumors of ill health. She had spasmodic coughing spell, tiredness, and a fainting episode. These symptoms together with her documented past history of deep vein thromboses (DVTs), a stroke, and hypothyroidism provided fodder for her political opponents to question he fitness for the presidency.

Now, Mrs. Clinton has reappeared in public, and two instances of possible ill health were observed. These are probably not significant, but they replicate symptoms and signs noted during 2016. At the Wellesley College commencement, her address commenced with spasmodic coughing (as in 2016). Mrs. Clinton ascribed this to allergies, just as previously. Secondly, during the Memorial Day parade in suburban New York City, she wore sun glasses. The day was both cloudy and drizzly, while no one else in the crowd required them. Some observers concluded that she wore Frenzel lenses, similar to the ones she wore after her 2012-3 stroke.



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