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MELANIA TRUMP. The First Lady Emerges.

“MEL DAZZLE. TRUMP HOME RUN” reads the banner headline on the Drudge Report as I type this. Donald and Melania Trump have just returned from a grueling nine day trip to the Middle East and Europe, where this First Lady has emergesd as charming, gracious, tactful, and very engaged.

Mrs. Trump has clearly illustrated that she can easily fulfill the ceremonial, social, and wifely responsibilities of an American First Lady. Moreover, it is optimistically expected that she should be able to handle the management of the White House and to secure the appropriate updating of its furnishings and its decor.

All recent First Ladies have been urged to take on a cause, cultural, social, or even political. Perhaps this will become the responsibility of Ivanka, rather than Melania.

Lud Historian
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