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Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I read that 87-year-old Joan Quigley had died. The October 24, 2014 front page obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle appeared under the headline Socialite, astrologer advised Reagans. The information below is extracted from this article.

Ms. Quigley was an art history major at Vassar College and remained extremely knowledgeable about art. In addition she was famous for her love of jewelry, travel, ballet, the San Francisco Opera, and the San Francisco Symphony.

She became interested in astrology at an early age and subsequently wrote several books on the subject. Her fame increased, and she appeared many times on The Merv Griffin Show on national television. A close friend of the Reagans, it was Merv Griffin who recommended the astrologer to Nancy Reagan.

Quigley was first a casual consultant, but after the March, 1981 assassination attempt upon President Ronald Reagan, she became a daily adviser. “Sometimes I would talk with Nancy for three hours a day” said Quigley in a 1995 interview. She continued, “I was hired in May of 1981 to protect the president. This was after he had been shot. I really timed everything the Reagans did. For seven years I worked with them, sometimes 10 hours a day.”

Mrs. Reagan’s relationship with her astrologer waned after Nancy asked Quigley to swear that she would never talk to the press. Quigley refused, “I could never do that. I’m a professional, and I love what I do.”


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