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Hillary Clinton – Too Sick to be President? PART VI

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Just when the story of Hillary Clinton’s medical history seemingly had run its course, Ed Klein’s book Blood Feud arrived on line and in bookstores. The author’s narrative deals mainly with the enmity between the Clintons and the Obamas.

However, Klein cast doubt upon Mrs. Clinton’s physical fitness for the Presidency: “She has managed to keep her medical history secret out of fear that, should it become public, it would disqualify her from becoming president.” Thus, the author has opened up several areas for further inquiry.

What was the nature of Mrs. Clinton’s brain injury in December, 2012 for which she was hospitalized in New York City – was it a right transverse venous thrombosis (clot) or a subdural hematoma? If the latter, it is readily explicable as a consequence of the trauma to her skull after her fall. If a venous thrombosis, it may imply a systemic clotting abnormality. The patient previously was treated for a clot when First Lady. That clot was localized to her leg, a deep vain thrombosis.

Did Hillary Clinton have a stroke in December, 2012? Not in the traditional meaning of the term. There has been no apparent injury to the brain, neither a hemorrhage nor a cerebral infarct.

Klein documents a series of fainting spells – the aforementioned December, 2012 fall; an incident in Buffalo; a 2009 fainting while boarding a plane in Yemen which caused an elbow fracture.

Most interesting, but still speculative and undocumented, is the possibility of heart disease. An anonymous source, identified as close to the candidate, disclosed to Klein that a cardiac stress test was performed because of Clinton’s history of fainting. It allegedly showed an abnormal heart rhythm and heart valves. There was consideration of valve replacement surgery.

Questions arise:
Does she have an abnormal heart valve – probably a prolapsed mitral valve.

Does Mrs. Clinton have a cardiac arrhythmia, possibly atrial fibrillation?

What medicines is she taking – anticoagulants, cardiac drugs?

The lady has some explaining to do!!

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